I invite you to read about the experiences of my clients.  
  “I highly recommend Debra Lynn as a sensitive and effective EFT Practitioner.
I am grateful for discovering this glorious healing tool….”
Barbara Stuart, Florida

“I love the work we’ve done. I highly recommend EFT and Debra Lynn. She seems to have a natural gift for healing with compassion and love. I experienced how she honors and respects my dignity as she gently encourages me to step forward into inner-freedom.” Edith, Florida

“I find Debra to be a very perceptive and insightful practitioner… her work is effective…I found it…helpful.” Karen Sutton, Florida

Debra has helped me greatly. She is attentive, compassionate, and skillful in applying several techniques. She is committed to creating a transformational experience.” Marilyn, Florida

"Speaking from my experience Debra Lynn works EFT…
with a profound knowledge of its techniques and methods…she works intuitively from the depth of her heart able to skillfully adapt to my needs for guidance at any
given moment of the session. Each EFT session I left with a major inner- shift, uplifted and inspired to move forward, committed to making further use of the tools provided. I highly recommend Debra Lynn to everyone seeking freedom from emotional burden.” UM, Florida

“Through the EFT process Rev. Debra has assisted me in becoming unstuck from the emotional baggage that has prevented me from achieving my personal and professional goals….
Rev.Debra is a master who lasers right to the heart of my issues with remarkable clarity and directness. Then facilitates their rising to the Light to be released. …I have been using the techniques daily…I have tapped my way into some breakthroughs. As a result I have brought several projects to completion on schedule and in some cases ahead of schedule….”
Valerie Carruthers, Florida

"Feelings of utter hopelessness, depression, and extreme exhaustion were completely eliminated by the end of our session. I felt like my old self, full of energy, happy to be alive. Awesome session!" Sarah -- Florida

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