Can EFT Help Me?  
World wide experience has shown that when the overall system is balanced, clients of EFT have shown amazing results in many areas including:

Addictions Fears and Phobias Back Pain
Finances Stress Fibromyalgia
Emotional Disorders Anxiety   Chronic Fatigue
Sexual Abuse Constipation Shame and Guilt
Anger and Resentment   Allergies   Negative Thinking
Procrastination Self-Sabotage Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Insomnia Relationships Peak Athlete Performance
Limiting Beliefs Trauma Public Speaking  
Grief Sadness Food Cravings
How to tap:
Here’s a general description of how to tap for any issue or challenge you’re having

Name the challenge you are having honestly and clearly

Give the challenge a subjective rating on a scale of 0-10. A 10 means it’s the peak of intensity right now when I think about it, a 0 means it’s gone
Every time you tap for a new issue, start by tapping on your Karate Chop Point. Repeat this phrase 3 times: “Even though I have this________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
Using your index and middle fingers, rapidly tap each of the points while saying out loud all the things you’re upset about with this particular challenge.

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What You May Experience As You Tap

You may experience some of the following symptoms while tapping as your body releases chemicals from your cell receptor sites.

  Light headedness
  Heat or Cold coming off your body
  Moderate to extreme fatigue
  Tingling in hands and feet or other parts of your body
  Lights and colors around you may appear more sharp
  Overall relaxed feeling

Where to tap:

Tapping Points

(EB) Eyebrow point: tap both sides where the eyebrow begins
(SE) Side Eye point: tap both sides on the temple
UE) Under eye point: tap both sides under the eye on the bone,
dead center
(UN) Under nose point: tap in between nose and top of lip
(CH) Chin point: tap right in the middle where the crease is
(CB) Collar Bone point: make a fist and tap in the hollow of collar bone
(UA) Under Arm point: take 4 fingers and tap 4 inches down from
  under arm  

a. (WR) Wrist point: tap inside of wrists together

b: (KC) Karate Chop point:
tap four fingers along side of hand

When should I tap?

In the moment when a negative emotion is being experienced.

To clear a negative thought, emotion, or event from the past.

Before sleep every night clear out any lingering upsetting emotions from the day. 

Be truthful and even rant about how upset you are-don’t hold back in your language.

At each point you can use a reminder phrase, example might be if you said in the affirmation “Even though I have this anger, I deeply and completely love and accept myself,” then your reminder phrase would be “This anger.”

At each point you can choose to say something different related to how you feel and what your thoughts are about the issue (see example below)


Eyebrow: “I’m so outraged with her right now,”
Side Eye: I hate her for what she’s putting me through,”
Under Eye: “I can’t believe she did all those things to me” and so on.

Eyebrow: where the eyebrows begin, to the right and left of the
bridge of your nose.
Side eye: on the side of your eyes in the temple region.
Under the Eye: on the bone under your eyes, dead center.
Under the Nose: between your nose and upper lip.
Chin: in the indentation between your chin and lower lip.
Collarbone: make a fist and tap at the “U” where the knot of a
man’s tie would be
Under Arm: about four inches down from under your arm there’s
a lymph node that drains into your breast, and it’s usually tender.
Once you find it take four fingers and tap in that area.
Top of Crown: tap about two inches back from the top of your head
Check the intensity of the emotion or challenge. If it is 0, you are done, and may move on to a different emotion. If it is 1 or higher, repeat out
loud 3 times: “Even though I have this remaining ________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
Tap the above sequence and continue this process until you reach zero.
Drink lots of extra water--to eliminate the chemicals that will dump into your waste system, similar to having had a deep body massage and toxins are releasing. You can continue this round one more time, continuing to say what you’re feeling and thinking. Remember, EFT is a technique not a solution. Use these processes in addition to everything else you’re doing in your life. It is not meant to replace anything you’re doing. EFT is another tool in your tool kit.

Unlike other techniques, EFT bypasses your conscious mind and speaks directly to your body. So whether you believe it will work or not, it still works. You can remain as skeptical as you like and still get great results!
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